We have produced artwork for a variety of clients in the form of black-and-white line drawings and full-color illustrations using pastel chalks, watercolors, oils and acrylic paints.

Some of these paintings and illustrations have been purchased by individual collectors for decor in their homes. Large businesses and corporations have commissioned our work to be displayed in their lobby and office areas, executive suites and board rooms.

Other paintings and drawings have been produced for use in outdoor and wildlife publications, and for magazine covers, brochures, booklets and related advertising materials.

We have a limited selection of paintings in stock for your consideration. However, we often create custom paintings and illustrations from our clients specifications.

Paintings range in size according to the application. For example the Whitetail Buck painting (above) measures 40×50 inches. This was done with acrylic paint on a stretched canvas. The Antelope and Buck portraits (at right) measure 18×24 inches in size and are done in pastels on charcoal paper.

We will soon offer our customers a line of limited edition wildlife prints, signed and numbered by the artist.

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