Video Production

It all starts with an idea which we can help you develop and refine. The process flows to an outline then to a shooting script and continues through the production process of shooting the required scenes. In post production we complete the video editing, graphic treatments, animation, narration, and music to deliver your finished program on DVD, CD-Rom, your Web site and video tape.

We have more than 25 years experience in film and video production. We started in film, made the transition to video tape and now use the latest digital video field production and non-linear, computer-based editing for post-production. We can also shoot photos during the video production for your publication needs, providing significant cost savings to you.

Professionally produced video projects provide a perfect explanation of your message, rules, or systems that you want to convey to your target audience.

We have years of experience shooting aerial photography and videography from helicopters and fixed winged aircraft. We often incorporate aerial images in our productions for larger clients who operate expansive manufacturing sites or have extensive properties, such as parking lots, highway interchanges and shopping malls.

We suggest shooting aerials in early summer. The foliage is in bloom and visibility is best, unlike the warm hazy conditions of mid- and late-summer.

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