Wildlife Photography
BuckWe provide wildlife photography shot on traditional film and digital photographic processes to a wide variety of markets. Photos of whitetail deer, elk, wild turkey and caribou have been used in outdoor publications, newspapers, magazines, brochures and have also been used as background art for trade-show booths. Our photos have appeared on the front covers of 75 magazines.

Our award winning wildlife, scenic and outdoor based photos have also been incorporated into several television projects, TV commercials, Web sites, newspapers and book covers.

Many of our clients have used our wildlife and outdoor scenics for use in their advertising, public relations, marketing, training, Web pages and other image communications needs.

We have traveled throughout the United States and Canada photographing big game animals with 35mm cameras using 300 and 400mm telephoto lenses. We have a large file of stock images available in black & white, color negative for color prints, and 35mm color slide and/or 120/220 color transparency film and high resolution digital files.

* We do require the right to use non-classified images for samples of our work in presentations to non-competing businesses.

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