Outdoor Writing

AceFishCoverJoe Workosky has been writing about environmental issues, boating, camping, outdoor travel, and hunting and fishing topics, for more than 20 years.

JoeBio5Workosky wrote feature articles for a Johnstown, PA newspaper for more than 15 years and was also on the masthead of several other outdoor publications as photographer, regional editor and monthly columnist.

Workosky combined his outdoor writing and video talents during the production of “Taxidermy Trails”. The television show was conceived by Workosky and associate Dan Bantley while on a wilderness hunting trip in 2001.

JenCoverWorkosky often photographed these outings for his magazine and newspaper work, but on this trip their talk turned to television.

JoeBio3This combination of talents, Workosky and Bantley, began in 1978 when Workosky first interviewed Bantley for a series of newspaper articles. After the initial series of articles and photos were published, the men worked on several more newspaper and magazine stories featuring hunting and fishing trips combined with taxidermy topics.

AceCoverWorkosky has worked as a full-time communications expert since the mid 1970s and has published more than 100 magazine articles and dozens of magazine covers. He has produced outdoor articles, with supporting photography, for newspapers and other periodicals.

BowhunterWorkosky has created paintings, illustrations and drawings of wildlife and outdoor scenes which have appeared on the covers of several state, regional and national magazines.

PASportsmanBearThroughout his freelance career he was employed by a major PA electric utility corporation as a company communications spokesperson. In this corporate environment, he excelled as an award- winning industrial video director, editor and script writer.

Workosky produced dozens of industrial training programs, employee video magazines and live downlink programming to corporate offices throughout the Northeast.


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